Helping to Reconnect People and Planet

I believe that the future depends on our ability to connect with outdoor spaces as sites for joy, community wellness, and environmental and climate justice and sustainability.

In 2017, I left my job at an education technology startup and set out on an unexpected adventure. I called it a career sabbatical and nothing could have prepared me for how much I needed it.

For 10 months, I explored the Colorado Rockies, backpacking to remote alpine lakes, sleeping in my car to catch sunrise on mountain summits, and forging community among like-minded souls. Those months changed me, inspiring a sense of responsibility to live and work in a manner that honors the interconnectedness of people and planet, justly safeguards our natural environment, and ensures equal access to the joy and healing that the outdoors bring.

Since then, I have served as the Colorado Co-Leader for Outdoor Afro, and as a board member for the High Mountain InstituteConservation Colorado, and the Conservation Alliance

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